Ace Stage Products

Ace Stage Oil & Gas Limited has been known for its performance and innovation. Our customers have come to rely on our advanced technology in lubricants production and services for their automotive and industrial lubricants application out lubricant line falls under the Lotus range, a superior name for superior range of lubricants

We have an ISO standard blending facility at Agbaara Ogun state and Ejigbo Lagos. The plants are capable of producing up to 15,000 metric tons of about 100 different grades of lubricating oils annually… It supplies top quality automotive engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil and multi-purpose bearing greases to a variety of commercial, industrial and retail customers. We are  known for quality, technological excellence and environmental friendliness. Our Lotus blending plant offers a complete line of fuels, lubricants, and automotive chemicals.

Please buy your Lotus range of oils  Oil only from authorized and accredited Ace stage Oil & Gas dealers and distributors only, they are available nationwide.

Lotus Range of lubricants

Engine oil
Gear oil
Transmission fluids