Lotus Zintro Engine Oil
Lotus Zintro Engine Oil
Product Description

Made to give engine components maximum protection under any condition, Lotus Engine Oil is constantly upgraded to meet the advancements in automobile engine technology and meets the SON and SG/CD specification.

Prevents Cracking and rusting
tamper proof extendable sprout for ease of pouring
lotus Oil customized shrink – wrapped sleeve on the sprout
Matching ink – jet coding on the handle and sleeve

Fluorescent green colour
4-litre, 1-litre and 25-litre pack sizes

Lotus Premium Engine Oil Advantage

Improved engine cleanliness
Increased power output
Enhanced fuel economy
Excellent sludge resistance and engine cleanliness
Complete protection against wear, rust and corrosion
Superior old start performance
Please buy your Lotus range of oils Oil only from authorized and accredited Ace stage Oil & Gas dealers and distributors only, they are available nationwide.